Be Seen Be Heard

Be Seen Be Heard

“Be Seen Be Heard” is a practical initative formulated to ensure that diverse voices in public life continues here in Northern Ireland.  Research gathered in 2014 found that even two years after launching a campaign to increase the number of women heard in UK television and radio, male experts still outnumber female experts on news programmes by a ratio of four to one. Our aim is to have news and commentary to be more equally balanced to make sure our media continues to accurately reflect the society it reports on.

This project will train 45 female experts in the first year. We anticipate a minimum of eight new women to make it onto the roster of contributors at media organisations.

2016 has been an extraordinary year for the advancement of women in public life. We now have a female Prime Minister in Westminister, Theresa May and female First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon. Closer to home, we have our First Minister Arlene Foster, and across the water, Hillary Clinton is running to become the first female President of the United States.

Friday 18th November marked the launch of “Be Seen Be Heard” in the MAC, Belfast, as part of the Belfast Media Festival programme. “Be seen Be Heard” aims to increase female participation in media debate, opinion and commentary in Northern Ireland. This initiative is co-ordinated by Susie Brown, Head of Corporate Development, Tourism NI and formerly Head of Communications at the Northern Ireland Assembly, Bespoke Communications, Politics Plus and Ulster University, with the support of partner organisations across public life in Northern Ireland.

“Be Seen Be Heard” has two objectives:

  1. To help female experts from all walks of professional life-academia and business, charity and community-get the tools, training and facilitation to fully participate in media debate, opinion and commentary.
  2. To help and support local media outlets such as the BBC, UTV, RTE and others to access these new, female sources of expertise and reflect society in a more balanced way.


If you have any queries, please contact Camilla Long at Bespoke Comms

TEL: 0779 306 1357

For more information regarding the Women and Representation in the Media event, please click here:

Listen below to Susie Brown’s radio interview with Belfast89fm chatting about the launch of “Be Seen Be Heard”