Housing Benefits

Housing Benefits


Providing advice to constituents on the welfare system and helping people claim the benefits they are entitled to is a key aspect of constituency work. Politics Plus recognises the challenge this presents to Members and their staff, given the complexities of the system.

Politics Plus is working in collaboration with Housing Rights to bring you a session to update your knowledge on Welfare Reform and the impacts on the housing situation of vulnerable and low-income households in Northern Ireland. It will also highlight the types of accommodation and groups of people who will remain on Housing Benefit in the short term.


The Long Gallery

Parliament Buildings


Thursday 4th April 2019

10:00am               Welcome and Introductions

10:10am               Universal Credit: Context & Background

10:25am               Key Differences between Housing Benefit and help with housing costs under Universal Credit

11:20am               Break

11:35am               The Claim Process

12:00pm               Financial Hurdles to Universal Credit and Payments

12:35pm               Appeals

1:00pm                 Close

This workshop is available to Members and Party Support Staff.