Bangsamoro Parliament Knowledge Transfer Visit

Bangsamoro Parliament Knowledge Transfer Visit

Politics Plus are leading a project team, funded by the British Embassy in the Philippines, in collaboration with the Northern Ireland Co-Operation Overseas (NI-CO) to strengthen democracy in conflict-affected Mindanao and assist the transition to a new Bangsamoro Parliament by building an effective legislative secretariat to support a professional cadre of elected members.

As part of this project five participants from Mindanao visited Northern Ireland, from 13th February to 20th February 2016, to engage with Northern Ireland politicians and share knowledge with senior officials within the Northern Ireland Government.

During their visit the delegates met with the deputy First Minister McGuinness and Junior Minister Pengelly and the Ministers pledged their support for the Parliament and their work.

As well as senior officials from the NI Assembly and NI Government Departments, the delegation also met with the British-Irish Intergovernmental Secretariat and MLAs who shared their experiences of working in a post-conflict parliament and what challenges they have faced along the way.

This work with the Bangsamoro Parliament is ongoing, with Gareth McGrath, Director of Politics Plus, providing support in the Philippines, along with NI-CO and external partners. The Northern Ireland Assembly provides a wealth of experience, knowledge, and best practice to regions emerging from conflict on an international stage.