“Perspectives on the Impact of Brexit” by Daniel Greenberg

Published: 13th February 2017, 3:50pm

“Perspectives on the Impact of Brexit” by Daniel Greenberg

Daniel Greenberg "Perspectives on the Impact of Brexit" Publication is now available for free download

On Tuesday 13th September, Daniel Greenberg visited Parliament Buildings to present a seminar on the legislative impact of Brexit for Northern Ireland. Politics Plus commissioned Daniel Greenberg to develop a publication: “Perspectives on the impact of Brexit”, which identifies some key issues that need to be addressed by the Northern Ireland Assembly, due to the range of potential outcomes from the Brexit vote.

The publication is broken down into 8 different sections. It looks at what form Brexit may take – at one extreme the United Kingdom could be liberated from all obligations arising out of European Union legislation and law. At the other extreme, the entirety of the implemented EU obligations could be preserved as part of the United Kingdom’s body of law, either on a fixed term transistional basis or in an open-ended form for long-term transitional purposes.

The publication also explores the possibility of a special status for Northern Ireland. Daniel Greenberg ues the example of Gibraltar to demonstrate that it is possible for a region within a state to be accorded a status that is both equivocal in terms of EU membership, and different in some respects from the status of the country of which it forms part.

Article 50, which has been extensively covered by the media, is an important part of the Brexit process. This sets a two-year time limit from the moment when the withdrawal is triggered to leave the European Union. Therefore, at the end of the two years the United Kingdom would automatically cease to be a member of the European Union. There is provision in the Article for an extension of that period.

The publication concludes by discussing policy development implications for the future and the potential challenges for legislation post-Brexit.

“Perspectives on the Impact of Brexit” is available to download here:

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