US Presidential Elections Series- Mac Zilber & Nicolee Ambrose visit Parliament Buildings

Published: 13th October 2016, 12:30pm

US Presidential Elections Series- Mac Zilber & Nicolee Ambrose visit Parliament Buildings

Republican Nicolee Ambrose & Democratic Mac Zilber visit Parliament Buildings to discuss the US Presidential Elections

On Friday 23rd September, Politics Plus welcomed Nicolee Ambrose and Mac Zilber to Parliament Buildings to discuss the U.S. Presidential elections and political campaigns in general. Nicolee Ambrose is a Republican political activist and the newly elected Republican National Committeewoman for Maryland. She speaks at events across the United States, where she frequently appears on ABC and Fox News.

Mac Zilber, a Democratic Campaign consultant has worked on dozens of campaigns, mixing a data-driven approach with the enthusiasm of a political junkie. In 2014, Zilber consulted on candidate and ballot measure campaigns across 10 different states, including an independent effort to help Senator Gary Peters, and defeat proposals 1 and 2 in Michigan. Zilber is also the co-founder of Jacobson & Zilber Strategies, a political consulting and strategic communications firm.

At the event, Mac Zilber outlined his previous experience working on political campaigns, discussing the realities and challenges of driving a successful campaign. He also described how TV ads have gone through a “crisis of confidence” in election campaigns. Therefore, it is essential to focus on how to engage your audience as it may determine the outcome of the campaign.

This was followed by Nicolee Ambrose, who discussed the use of grassroots data and focused on issues-based campaigns to win seats in areas where Republicans were struggling to win votes. She outlined her view that outreach efforts really only need to accomplish two goals: 1)To engage your audience and 2)To get them to take action. She believes that overwhelming your audience with statistics will not achieve this, but carefully choosing one or two stats presented within a context can be one of the most powerful engagement tools you can use. This is because it helps to paint a picture the recipient is interested in and motivated to be a part of. Nicolee argues that this is applied to the currrent U.S. Presidential campaigns between Democratic Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. Their methods of engaging an audience were illustrated, with reference to Trump’s controversial comments on immigration and women.

The event provided an insight into how much work is involved in running a successful political campaign, particularly the hotly contested U.S. Presidential elections.

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