Inspirational Women

8 February 2018

This event celebrated the achievements of women in getting the vote in 1918, the role of women today, the local women who have inspired us and the path forward for the future.

The afternoon started with Dr Margaret Ward, author and authority in suffrage in Northern Ireland, who spoke on the significant events and personalities in a turbulent campaign that included militancy, imprisonment and hunger strike as women challenged the male political order in their fight for citizenship.

Laure James, a sports journalist for over 15 years, provided a brief overview of making sport matter for women and girls, and her work on the UEFA’s ‘We Play Strong’ campaign in Northern Ireland and Europe which aims to empower women and girls of all ages through participation in football, across Europe.

Then Caroline Criado-Perez, joined Laure James on stage. The journalist and award-winning feminist campaigner who regularly appears in both print and broadcast as a commentator spoke about the way forward for women. While Caroline is most known for her campaign for women on banknotes, her appetite for change was not limited to that campaign alone and she shared her thoughts on feminism, the invisibility of women in society, what practically can be done and the parts that we all play in making change happen.

Dr Myrtle Hill recounted her sheroes – both past and present – who, through determination and hard work, have wrought change for women throughout the past 100 years.

Katrina Armstrong, the first female County Commissioner of the Scouts in Northern Ireland, closed the event by speaking about the need for inclusion and equality in all that we do and how 21st century scouting is a world in which boys and girls play an equal part.