Daughters of the Vote: Part two – International Women’s Day

Sports stars – do it like a girl

8 March 2018

100 Year 7 primary school pupils came along to the Cultra Folk Park to celebrate International Women’s Day and find out more about life 100 years and the changes brought about by the Representation of the People Act 1918.

Females sports stars who compete at national level came together to introduce young people to new and different sports.

Pupils got a chance to experience ju-jitsu, volleyball, camogie and football and threw themselves into the activities with great verve. There was also an impromptu 1918 sports day in the main street of the Folk Park, much like days gone by.

The underlying theme was to challenge the idea that running like a girl or throwing like a girl is to do it badly — because if you could run or throw like any of these girls, then you are good enough to represent your country.

The event was hugely successful and is due to the phenomenal athletes who were encouraging, positive and professional and who lead the way in encouraging more women into sport.

Thanks go to Camogie: Niamh McCarthy; Football: Nadine Murphy; Ju-jitsu: Dawn and Claire; and Volleyball: Joanna McCrory and Sylwia Kowalczyk.