Boardroom Apprentice Programme

The Boardroom Apprentice Programme launched in Parliament Buildings on 20th June 2017.  The programme aims to provide practical experience, training and support to individuals who wish to become board members with public and third sector organisations.

The application process for the programme closed on 6th June 2017 with an astounding 207 applications!  28 applicants made it through the selection process and have been successfully enrolled to the programme.  They have been assigned to one of the 24 host organisations across the public and third sector, where they will function as a board-level observer for a 12-month placement.

Their placement with the host board begins formally on 1st September 2017 and will conclude on 31st August 2018.  The training sessions scheduled for the Board Apprentices have been scheduled as follows:

  • Friday 1st September2017
  • Friday 6th October 2017
  • Friday 10th November 2017
  • Friday 1st December 2017
  • Friday 12th January 2018

Politics Plus are proud to be one of the host Boards and we are delighted to welcome Ms Claire Cromie as our very own Board Apprentice.

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