Boardroom Apprentice Programme

Boardroom Apprentice Programme

Are you an aspiring Trustee/Board Member/Non-Executive Director, but do not feel board-ready?

Now is your chance to apply for the Boardroom Apprentice. A pilot programme, being brought to you by Strictly Boardroom, Cleaver and Fulton Rankin, and Politics Plus.

The Boardroom Apprentice programme aims to provide practical experience, training and support to individuals who wish to become board members within public and third sectors.

How it will work

The Apprentices will be assigned to a board, with a board buddy, and undertake training to enhance their knowledge and understanding. The Boardroom Apprentice will function as a board-level observer for a 12-month placement.

An application process has been developed to select apprentices for the recruited Boardroom Apprentice friendly boards.


Applications for eligible participants opens on Tuesday 16th May and closes on Tuesday 6th June. Those who are successful will be invited to the launch event at Parliament Buildings on Tuesday 20th June from 12-2pm.

The launch event will give provide an opportunity for Host Boards, Buddies Trainers and programme supporters to meet their Apprentices and those involved in contributing to bringing this all to fruition. It is also an excellent opportunity to network with other board members and gain insight as to how a board works.

This will be an informal event over lunch and an important one for Apprentices, as it is their chance to share why they want to be a Boardroom Apprentice and what they hope to achieve.

If you are interested in signing up to the Boardroom Apprentice programme, please go to

Upcoming Events

Yasmin Ratansi and Eileen Mullan

The Ambassadors’ Forum June 2017

23 June 2017

Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings